Introducing Grippers' Tips


Oh hi there. 

My name's Dan Letson, aka DJML. I'm a web designer, music collector, and occasional musician from Oakland, California. Years ago, I ran an on-again / off-again design and music blog called The Globule where I shared scans from old books, reviewed records, and hosted downloads for my own enjoyment to the appreciation of (realistically) a couple dozen people. 

Grippers' Tips (plural possessive) is a continuation of that model, but with a slightly different ethos. While The Globule was born in the golden era of music blogs, when holy-grail zips of rare albums were plentiful on the open web, is similarly a product of its time. The site aims to focus attention on interesting and under-exposed music of all genres, with an emphasis on supporting creators and fostering a community around shared exploration of fringe musical zones. Most importantly, the site will strive to be platform- and format-agnostic, recognizing that there is just as much inspiring, creative potential in Bandcamp as CD Baby, in a dollar-bin 12" as a forgotten Beatport download. 

Grippers' Tips is a work in progress and a labor of love. The site is designed, built and written in my spare time, and the hosting comes directly out of my pocket. Quite frankly, the world is a sad place, but appreciating music is a wonderful distraction. If you like what you see and hear and think you'd like to get involved in some way, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you!