Ambar ‎– Desvios A Ninguna Parte

Wonky jazz-tinged downtempo

  • Label: Creat
  • Catalog Number: Creat Records No. 1
  • Year: 1998

This 1998 mystery slab comes courtesy of Creat, a short-lived offshoot of Barcelona’s Minifunk imprint, and came to my attention as all the best things do: the result of a total shot-in-the-dark Discogs cart piling session.

Label side AA

Three meandering tracks of minimalist downtempo swing with jazzy atmospheres. Punchy syncopated percussion, pensive chord float, and manipulated vocal smears combine in a post-trip-hop stew. Unlike many efforts in this relatively niche vein, Ambar takes a refreshingly mechanical approach, staying right in the sweet spot between IDM pathos and nu-jazz indulgence. A pensive, noir vibe permeates the release, programmed with an improvisational flair.

Prescient design spec circa 1998. What's old is new again.

Not a trace of this one on the web outside of Discogs, but well worth hearing, and plenty affordable, too.