Antisept - 02

Blistering, rule-breaking acid techno

  • Label: Trope
  • Catalog Number: trope 020
  • Year: 1996

This lovely slab of acidic goodness is one of my absolute favorite Discogs accidents. I tossed it in the cart on account of the tasteful silver label design and rock-bottom price tag, but almost did a double-take when I finally gave it a spin. Disorienting, off-kilter beats, zonked acidic pulsing, and a punishing, totally unique sound design that can only be described as "Vainio-esque". The closest comparison I can think of is Beau Wanzer's brand of basement-dwelling electro, but executed with a level of German precision that sets it apart. 

Antisept 02 center label side b

Antisept is a short-lived project of Oliver Braun, a producer based in Kassel, Germany, releasing 3 EPs in as many years on Thomas P. Heckmann's Trope Recordings. Of the three, this 1996 slab goes the hardest, full of DJ-beguiling rhythmic tricks like misplaced kicks and overlaid time signatures, and crackling with radioactive energy.

There are still plenty of dirt-cheap copies floating around Discogs, if vinyl's your thing.