Brooks - Jet

​Bumping '90s party techno​

  • Label: Smart
  • Catalog Number: Smart001
  • Year: 1995

What do we have here? A solid if unknown slab of '90s techno tools from presumed Michigander Brooks Mosher, and the first release on Ann Arbor's short-lived Smart Records.

The A side's Jet is a rave heater, all overdriven 909 and pipe-clank percussion, peppered with dialog from Airplane! and odd trance-y breakdowns. The Hijack mix is blasted, in-the-red warehouse fare, while the Stormy Weather mix dials back the theatrics into a brooding DJ tool.

On the flip, things get a little more funky. Chrome Cat deploys aquatic Detroit pads and garage-house snare chops, while Mañana Land closes out the EP with a jerky, bouncing stomper.

Not a trace of this one on the 'net outside YouTube, so pick one up on the cheap on Discogs or grip the whole package here.


  1. A1. Jet (Hijack Mix) - 6:52
  2. A2. Jet (Stormy Weather Mix) - 5:17
  3. B1. Chrome Cat - 7:43
  4. B2. Mañana Land - 7:46