Dennis Siemion - Airbaging

Lean, twitchy club constructions

  • Label: Axodya
  • Catalog Number: Axodya 11
  • Year: 1997

Classic business here from Swiss label Axodya, which pumped out 30-odd releases of hard-hitting techno in the span of 3 years (1995-1998). In addition to EPs from founders Stefan Riesen and Marco Repetto, the label's roster featured heavy hitters like Bochum Welt, DJ T-1000, and Deetron. This 12" comes care of relative mystery man Dennis Siemion, but perfectly captures the label's party ethos with 4 electroid squigglers, tuned for the club.

Airbaging is a collection of taut, punchy drum tracks with a ton of unique character, splitting the difference between the sophisticated digital palette of minimal techno and the warehouse rager vibe of hard-house labels like IHR. Mercilessly swung hats, precision kicks, and fiddly, left-field sound choices. A few cuts veer into acid territory, as portamento synth lines loop drunkenly over ghetto house claps and 909 snares, but melodies are mostly set dressing for what amounts to a killer set of hard-rolling tools.

Nary a mention on the open 'net, but cheap as heck on Discogs. Grab the full DL here.


  1. A1. Airbaging - 6:10
  2. A2. Empire - 4:49
  3. B1. Sumatra - 4:30
  4. B2. Kyrolith - 4:30