God of the Machine - Nude Machinery

Soulful, chunky house / techno business

  • Label: Plink Plonk
  • Catalog Number: PLK 34
  • Year: 1996

Overlooked gem of classic groovy Detroit action from 1996, courtesy of Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain. Whether he meant to choose one of the cornerstones of Libertarianism as his nom-de-plume is probably a question not worth asking, but the recorded results are killer all the same. 

Chunky kicks, soulful lo-fi chords, and swinging preset percussion. I'd describe it as a true hybrid of early 90s techno and house vibes, but "tech-house" is way off the mark. It's the kind of joyous, punchy DJ material that will cut right through the murk of your average late-night set, with a twitchy, garage-house energy and crowd-pleasing anachronisms (keep your ears peeled for the Emulator loon sample on track 3). Let's call it "party techno" and leave it at that. 

Copies are plentiful on Discogs, but prices are on the rise. For all you CDJ warriors, cop the whole rip here.