Local Zero - Airbag

Blissed-out jungle business from the heyday

  • Label: Filter
  • Catalog Number: FILT007
  • Year: 1996

Local Zero is a one-off moniker of Jamie Lexton, aka London breakbeat innovator Kid Loops. This 2-tracker emerged as an early release on his brother's label Filter in 1996 and it's an absolute corker of spacey jungle chemistry. 

On the A side, warm, pulsing pads, and sing-song melody lines give Airbag a dreamy vibe while programmed breaks zip along underneath. Use as directed and it's flawless Dreamcast DnB, or pitch it down to increase the funk factor. On the flip, Bury the Hatchet is a dub-wise space opera where dancehall subs meet soaring pads and ornate breakage in fine style. 

Remarkably, Lexton steers clear of the cheeseball pitfalls that ruin so many tracks of the era. No aggro 2-step posturing or embarrassing boom-bap soul samples. Just warm blissed-out synths, round, melodic bass, and precise, swinging breaks. The 12" cribs all the right moves from the best of the Moving Shadow playbook and delivers the goods in top form. 

The 12er is still highly coppable at rock-bottom prices, so nab it while the gripping is good. If zips are more your speed, grab the dl on the dl here.