Robokid - The Robokid EP

Swinging lo-fi electro

  • Label: Archeology
  • Catalog Number: Archeology 001
  • Year: 2003

Debut EP of early techno excursions from longtime UK hardware fetishist Nigel Rogers aka Perseus Traxx. 

Original one-sheet (with bonus RS94109 price sticker for the real heads)

While the sounds and production spec of this white-label EP are decidedly DIY, the included one-sheet is impressively thorough, so rather than drone on, I've recreated it here:

Produced with minimal equipment and an Atari in a disused cellar under the ancient and historic city of York, the Robokid e.p. is a rough and ready first offering from Nigel Rogers.

A long time DJ and activist within the city, Nigel fought to create a platform for artistic output when there was little scope for the operation of an underground scene. While many others sat and moaned he initiated charity events, free parties, and the establishment of an arts venue, organising and playing at some of York's most underground parties in fields, woods, disused hotels and warehouses. 

Nigel's main influences, as can be heard on this e.p., are from Detroit. His production style pays homage to pioneers such as Mad Mike and Jeff Mills: uncompromisingly basic, with the funk extracted from a few simple machines rather than a complex piece of software. The result ranges from moody electrofunk to string led anthemic techno and stabby Chicago-style shuffles, and serves as a tantalising reminder that only the funk needs to be hi-tech. 

This somewhat enigmatic EP came to be the only physical artifact of the one-and-done label Archeology, run from the basement of the Pure Sheng record shop in Rogers' hometown of York.

As of this writing, Nigel is a certified lifer, with dozens of top-notch releases scattered across labels like Bunker, Chiwax, and his own Future Flash, even returning to the Robokid alias for some cheeky electro on Militant Science a few years back. Check out the Perseus Traxx Bandcamp for more handmade goodness from the man himself!