Sleep Engineer - Three Ways

Three hypnotic techno cuts with a dark, wonky edge

  • Label: Xplor
  • Catalog Number: XPR-1
  • Year: 1997
XPR-1 Side B Label

This lesser-known slab of rolling 90s techno was the inaugural release on Detroit label Xplor Music. Sleep Engineer aka Columbus, Ohio veteran Kevin Kennedy, delivers three heavy club tools. 

Side A's The Landscape is dark and dreamy, with arpeggiated chordal clouds over crisply delayed percussion and rolling subs. 

On the flip, things get a little more punchy, with the relentless rim/snare tick-tock of Element of Darkness, and BHC's alien stabs and arpeggiated bass. 

Still available for <$15 on Discogs if you're lucky, although it looks like prices are on the rise.