V-Key - Steps for All

Deep, track-y techno goodness

  • Label: Axodya
  • Catalog Number: Axodya Limited 010
  • Year: 2019

Vicky Riesen is a German producer who dropped a quartet of banging techno EPs in the second half of the 90s under the alias V-Key. Steps for All is her third under the moniker, released in 1998. It's a tight collection of bumpin' club tools, melding the deep hypnosis of minimal techno with playful flourishes of vintage hardware.

Boot Leg starts things off with deep 4-on-the-floor bathed in 90s digital reverb, before melting into a delay-laden churn of playful percussion. Dark Corners takes a turn into warehouse territory, delivering a banging, lofi chugger with heavy swing. 

On the flip, Face 2 Face is a dark, restrained electro groover with acidic touches, and 3D closes things out with deep minimal abstraction, disembodied bongo hits floating over surging tech-house bass throb. 

The EP is still well within reach on Discogs, and the zips are up for the gripping here.


  1. A1. Boot Leg - 7:52
  2. A2. Dark Corners - 6:11
  3. B1. Face 2 Face - 7:17
  4. B2. 3D - 6:56