Various - Laton Compilation

Peerless mutant electro

  • Label: Laton
  • Catalog Number: Laton 010
  • Year: 1999

The unimaginatively titled Laton Compilation is exactly what it sounds like: 11 tracks of extreme leftfield electronics from the legendary Austrian label Laton. Released in 1999 at what might arguably have been the height of the label's disruptive power, it's a collection of singularly bizarre instrumental exclusives spanning the previous decade, recorded by the imprint's "classic" stable of genius weirdos like Franz Pomassl, Alois Huber, and Fon

Every single track here is pure mutant gold, and captures the quintessence of Laton's MO. Absolute control, absolute chaos, tongue-in-cheek stomping electroid anti-music: deconstructing the club from the computer lab. Ill-advised mixing techniques, blown-out cross-fi brutality, and klonky presets caught in webs of decaying DSP junk, all rendered in Pansonic-level surgical detail and mastered to within an inch of its life. Listen without a sub and you'll miss about 30% of the fun. While many other projects from the dawn of the DAW era delighted in perverse hyper-complexity, most of the artists here twist simple loops into lurching toe-tappers, relishing in thoroughly fucked sound design. 

Laton Compilation digipack inner spread

Whenever a melody shows up, it's usually just the setup for some cruel joke, as on Pomassl's Atto, where a poorly-constructed rave loop is the pretext for brutally saturated FX fuckery. On Auralbino's Dubb Galvanik, sparse PCM drum hits are digidelayed into a sputtering morass. The fact that this track was originally recorded before Bill Clinton took office is a testament to just how far ahead of their time (or simply outside of their time) these experiments truly were. Unpredictable, unpretentious, and supremely entertaining. 

Unavailable digitally, though copies are cheap and plentiful on Discogs. Grip the whole collection here


  1. 1. Pomassl - Rubba Tagg - 6:46
  2. 2. Alois Huber - Other - 5:15
  3. 3. M. Soellner - Torn - 7:00
  4. 4. Auralbino - Lllfisk - 6:23
  5. 5. Alois Huber - H6 - 5:56
  6. 6. Osram Amalgam - Pomassl - 6:18
  7. 7. Auralbino - Dubb Galvanik - 4:15
  8. 8. Fon - Tresx - 4:46
  9. 9. Pomassl - Atto - 6:21
  10. 10. Proof - Aasa - 5:22
  11. 11. A. Burger - Device C - 2:57