Various - Post-Detroit Techno

Lean, banging techno excursions from lesser-known Detroiters

  • Label: End to End
  • Catalog Number: EE-011
  • Year: 2004

This underrated slab comes courtesy of End to End, a Detroit label established on the tail end of the Midwest techno boom of the late 90s. The EP collects four taught, streamlined techno tools by a handful of lesser-known local talents, showcasing the serious production chops and dancefloor instincts that the motor city seems to cultivate in even its more obscure artists. 

The highlight here is the lead-off cut, the only Discogs credit of the enigmatic Nevmega, entitled "I Love Detroit". The track is built around a bit-crushed sample of Sade's Pearls, morphing the song's heart-wrenching strings into barn-storming techno catharsis with pounding four-on-the-floor stomp and clattering snares. A perfect outsider anthem. 

A guest remix by minimal techno innovator and Detroit legend Terrance Dixon takes the track Driving While Black in a seriously deep and dark direction, while ADT delivers the Power, a mysterious, pad-driven roller augmented by twitchy arpeggiations, and odd sampled phrases like jaw harp and flute. 

The final track is a more left-field swing from electro stalwart Erotek, where ethnic hand-percussion loops tumble over ghettotech claps and sliced-and-diced piano fragments, flexing on a bouncing, wigged-out tip. 

With such strong, floor-filling material from everyone involved, it's a shame these cuts haven't made the jump to legit digital realms. Until they do, grip the whole thing here, or cop the vinyl while it's still dirt cheap.