Aardvarck - Extra Voice EP

Mysterious, downtempo braindance business

  • Label: Signum
  • Catalog Number: SIGN9604
  • Year: 1996

Aardvarck is the long-running alias of one Mike Kivits, a Dutch producer probably best known for a string of releases on Rush Hour and Delsin at the turn of the millennium. While the bulk of his output hovers closer to broken beat or even "future jazz" territory, this seminal slab from 1996 is a more synthetic affair. 

Extra Voice has all the hallmarks of an underground classic from the "braindance" era, evoking the rough-hewn experimentalism of mutants like Beaumont Hannant or Shad T. Scott. Low-slung tempos, mysterious pads, and chunky homemade breaks carved from low-budget drum machines. Five tracks of taught, saturated head-nod funk, capped with a bonus amen workout that sounds like it was recorded booming out of a dashboard tape deck in a parking garage. The perfect tool for your next set of 100BPM bangers, or for cruising the coast when the rain cancels your beach plans.

It's the kind of "dig your own hole" release I absolutely live for, so when I spotted the digital re-up on Bandcamp, I wasted no time. Still available now and forever straight from the source. Solid.