Afrikan Sciences - Photon Wizard

Grid-breaking rhythm tracks with soul

  • Label: Self Released
  • Year: 2018

Afrikan Sciences, aka Eric Douglas Porter, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer whose output over the last decade contains some of the most idiosyncratic dance-adjacent music I've ever encountered. He's released dozens of uniquely off-kilter jams for Deepblak, run by longtime friend and collaborator Aybee, and had a breakthrough moment with a full-length on PAN in 2014. Alongside all that, he's remained dedicated to self-releasing music at an impressive clip, and Photon Wizard is the latest breathtaking example. 

Across the album's eight tracks, the vibe swings from low-slung beat-tape shuffle to twitchy drum-machine punch-ups, all anchored to Porter's signature "shambolic" arrangement style, where the rhythm grid is stretched and twisted into unearthly grooves. 

While there are echoes of MPC pioneers like Theo Parrish or "Shake" Shakir, Porter's uncanny ability to collage together musical dialects is what sets his music apart. Muffled boom-bap sits comfortably in the mix with razor-sharp digital samples, and hand-played funk bass throbs under stews of punchy Bristolian percussion.

Available direct from the man himself on Bandcamp.