Doc Sleep - Your Ruling Planet

Diverse, atmospheric post-techno rollers

  • Label: Jacktone
  • Catalog Number: JKTN057
  • Year: 2019

Doc Sleep, the ever-industrious Berlin-based DJ / producer / promoter / label-head delivers an impressive new EP of esoteric club material on her own imprint, Jacktone Records.

While Doc Sleep's previous outings have been aimed more squarely at the dancefloor, this one revels in its left-field appeal. Your Ruling Planet fills out the deep, big-room spaciousness of previous releases with more upfront percussion and intimately detailed ambience. There's nary a four-on-the-floor to be found, as Doc melds the high-contrast sound design of bricoleurs like Willow or Margaret Dygas onto a foundation of spiky, Bristolian percussion. Liminal knocks, smudged ambience, and looped field recordings float untethered through stereo space, creating a unified sense of otherworldliness, as the tracks veer between laid-back mystery and twitchy paranoia.

Baltic Amber sounds like Seefeel's Succour on 45, with sharply delayed amen snares ringing out over bubbling, jazzy melodics. The title track is the anthem of the release, with relentless, stuttering kicks, rolling bass, and half-time swing. The album's closer is an affecting track of rhythmelodic ambient, straight out of the Burger/Ink playbook. Fully structured but wonderfully transportive. 

Doc Sleep's work as a curator for Jacktone and Room 4 Resistance hinges on making space for emerging, independent voices from local scenes around the world, and Your Ruling Planet is a unique collection of dancefloor mysticism from one of the underground's true champions. Don't sleep!

Grab the whole digital release on Bandcamp