Dreamlogicc - Sheltered in Places

Dank two-step rollers

  • Label: Peak Time Dance Music
  • Catalog Number: PTDMSIP
  • Year: 2020

Oakland producer Justin James has been steadfastly digging his own hole for the better part of the last two decades. His long-running solo project Dreamlogicc has racked up dozens of releases exploring the vast, dank caverns beneath American techno. Across labels like Kimochi, Jacktone, and his own Peak Time Dance Music, his sound is wide-ranging:  glistening dub minimalism, chugging kosmische, and wild-pitch techno jamming, all executed with a spacious restraint and intuitive flair.  

When he's not producing, DJ Lgcc hosts the wildly entertaining Wax n' Cats stream from his home (aka Main Drain Studios), where he spins wide-ranging vinyl cuts every Saturday to the lazy bemusement of his two cats, whose on-cam antics place the stream somewhere between a live DJ set and streaming wildlife feed.

A screenshot from Wax n' Cats #338

Justin's latest EP, Sheltered in Places, released into the anxious languor of the COVID-19 quarantine, finds him exploring a new facet of his sound. The churning hypnotism of his more technoid productions is pushed aside to make room for dubby bass weight, and slow-mo two-step grooves. The five tracks here cultivate a home-grown strain of club-ready shuffle, balancing dry, hi-fi zappage with growling bass and "weightless" atmospherics. From the mutant tresillo of Ever Vescent Ascent to the resonant droplets on Psychology & Bass, James manages to weld his own non-standard vision onto a lumbering skeleton of UK Bass, crafting a killer EP that's as bizarre as it is engrossing. Non-canonical club constructions that sound like nothing else.

Grip the album now on Bandcamp.


  1. 1. Psychology & Bass - 7:37
  2. 2. Ever Vescent Ascent - 4:58
  3. 3. Lo Werks - 4:33
  4. 4. Ploddington Bare - 6:18
  5. 5. Simply Simon's Pie - 6:55