Orange Tag EP

California jungle business

  • Label: Goodchill
  • Catalog Number: Goodchill 001
  • Year: 2020

In 2017, I spotted a mysterious 12" at Econo Jam Records in downtown Oakland. New pressing, plain white sleeve, with a goofy cartoon sticker promising "California Jungle", filed in the "local" bin without much fanfare. I scooped it up, half expecting some nerdy breakcore shenanigans or tongue-in-cheek bedroom antics. When I gave it a spin, I was shook to discover the truth: California has a whole-ass oldschool Jungle underground that's been flying under the radar of Boomkat-reading herbs such as myself for lord knows how long. My eyes were opened. 

I'm a total tourist when it comes to Jungle, but I've been a follower of the kind of grooving, low-bitrate amen business pushed by UK stalwarts like Kid Lib and Tim Reaper since they came up in the early '10s. Little did I know they've got diehard counterparts in my own backyard, with dedicated junglists like M27, RufKraft, DJ Sycamore and BC Rydah pumping out mixtapes, zines and limited vinyl across crew-associated labels like Ruff Tapes, Ill Eagle, and In-n-Out Jungle

The Orange Tag EP is the latest from the squad, and it's an absolute killer collection. Pressed up on white wax on a brand new label (Goodchill records), boasting four pitch-perfect cuts of golden-era jungle and breakbeat business. Cheeky samples, time-stretched breakdowns, wild spinbacks, and flawless grooving beat science. Not a dud in the bunch, plus bonus scratch tracks and runout loops for the real heads. The sheer volume of talent and joy in these tracks is enough to warm the coldest heart and save the dullest warehouse set. 

Limited to 100 and going fast, cop now or forever hold your peace.


  1. A1. - Goodchill Intro - 0:55
  2. A2. Mid-Air! - Majestic Session - 4:56
  3. A3. Bc Rydah & M27 - Cherry Park - 6:09
  4. A4. - Dimension Loop - ∞
  5. B1. Rufkraft - Adjourn - 6:19
  6. B2. M27 - Groove - 5:39
  7. B3. - Pad Loop - ∞