Tomu DJ - Dream About Fruit

Hyperactive club material

  • Year: 2020

Tomu is an emerging DJ and producer from Oakland, tightly affiliated with party crew Girl House. While her past production efforts have been deconstructed club jams and post-everything ballroom edits, her latest release, Dream About Fruit, is somehow both more straightforward and less predictable: 2 relentlessly banging 150bpm instrumentals, without a hook or sample in sight. The only description on the digital release is "West coast electronic music", and though that might sound intentionally vague, I like to imagine it's a brand new style still emerging from the petri dish of global club sounds in 2020. 

Banana is like an over-cranked gqom track: rolling, chunky snares, bouncing bass, vaporous synth clouds, and a non-stop ADHD synth arpeggio like something out of a long-lost Sega Saturn soundtrack. Orange boasts syncopated footwork kicks caught up in a whirlwind of polyrhythmic percussion: flanged hats, soca clanks, electro snares, and spinback cuts. Both tracks are mixed loud + tight, leaving plenty of space for every hit. Playful, high-energy bops guaranteed to get stuck in your brain. Can't wait to hear more!

Grip the EP on Bandcamp. 


  1. 1. Banana - 5:58
  2. 2. Orange - 3:24